Author: Elizabeth Thorn

Elizabeth is an experienced traveler and expat with bylines in publications like Lonely Planet, Matador Network, and TheTravel. She left her life in Los Angeles at 23 to move abroad and has lived on four continents (and visited six of them!). She currently lives in Lisbon, where she co-owns a business with her husband and spends her free time writing, taking photos, and traveling all over Europe and beyond.

Here are our top three picks for the best day trips from Lisbon that are feasible and enriching if you have a few extra days in Lisbon to spare and are able to dedicate a full day to exploring.

While we haven’t found the Portuguese to have as rich of coffee culture as you might see in a place like Italy or Sweden, they do seem to enjoy their coffee drinks with a pleasant unhurriedness that you don’t necessarily see in places like the United States.