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    We believe that you don’t have to be an expert to be an explorer, and we strive to inspire and empower every intrepid traveler, no matter their level of experience. Our journey as travelers, digital nomads, writers, and entrepreneurs has led us to some of the most breathtaking corners of the world. Combined, we’ve explored six continents and have lived on four.

    We’ve traveled extensively throughout Europe and beyond and, after working for leading travel brands such as Matador Network, Lonely Planet, and Hyatt Hotels, we have sharpened our skills and developed a refined taste for what makes a truly exceptional travel experience.

    Mostly, though, we believe in the power of storytelling and how it shapes our understanding of the world. We believe every traveler deserves an experience worth remembering. That’s why it’s our mission to curate and share the most compelling and transformative travel content.

    Join us in discovering the soul of Europe.

    Elizabeth Thorn

    Elizabeth had her first European adventure when she spent a semester studying abroad in Paris. It sparked not just her wanderlust but her desire to live abroad. After leaving her entertainment job in Los Angeles in 2015, she moved to Thailand, Colombia, and finally Spain.

    She is an experienced travel writer and entrepreneur and has written for brands like Lonely Planet and the Australia Tourism Board. She currently lives in Lisbon, which acts as a base for all of her European explorations (Malta, Estonia, Czech Republic — they’re all on the list this year).



    Mario Rendon Grisales Europe Travel Insider

    Mario Rendón

    Mario spent his youth in the Colombian Army, commanding a team of soldiers during the country’s internal conflict — so he’s got more than a few stories to share. After retiring from the military, he went on to work for a large Colombian newspaper, where he eventually earned the titles of Head of Technology and Head of Production. 

    He then quit corporate life in 2017 to move to Madrid to launch a coffee business. While the coffee business didn’t work out, it did allow him to travel across Europe, exploring everywhere from Paris and Rome to Bucharest and Brussels. It also ultimately led him to Lisbon, where he currently lives.



    Europe Travel Insider Team

    Freelance Travel Writers

    We work with a team of experienced travel writers, explorers, photographers, and experts to help curate our content. If we haven’t visited a destination, restaurant, or attraction, we find people who have so we can source accurate information and offer you the best information and tips.

    Our Editorial Policies

    At Europe Travel Insider, we understand the importance of staying informed while exploring new destinations. Our team of expert writers, editors, and insiders is dedicated to providing the most current and comprehensive coverage of European travel. From the best places to eat in Lisbon to hidden destinations in Eastern Europe, our goal is to guide you through the continent with insider tips in hand.

    Our content is specifically designed to engage and inform readers, with clear and concise writing that gets straight to the point. We pride ourselves on our accuracy and regularly review and update our articles as necessary to ensure that our information is always up-to-date. However, due to the rapid pace at which things change in the travel industry these days (entry rules and regulations, prices, admission hours, etc.), we might sometimes miss a point or two. If you notice errors in our content, please contact our Editor-in-Chief at They will review the content and submit a correction.

    For more information on our editorial process and policies, visit our Editorial Policy page.